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Autolite carburetors were equipped on regular production Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, and Edsel vehicles from 1957 to 1969. During this time there were three Models:

Autolite 1100

Autolite 2100

Autolite 4100

Autolite 1100

Equipped from 1963 to 1968 on inline Six cylinder engines only, from the 144 Falcon ThriftPower Six to the 300 F-Series Commercial Engine, which was the predecessor to the 4.9 Liter that was produced until 1996. The 1100 Autolites were reliable and relatively maintenance free, but often acted as a restriction, causing a lack of high-end power for a modified engine.

Autolite 1100 Sizes and Applications

1.00 Venturi(120 CFM)

144 ThriftPower Six

1.10 Venturi(150 CFM)

170 ThriftPower Six

1.20 Venturi(185 CFM)

200, 250 Six


Autolite 2100

Equipped from 1957 to 1969 on a wide variety of engines, from the 221 Windsor to the 390 FE Big Block. The 2100's are popular more for their low maintenance than performance, though in reality the have great potential for pulling the most Horsepower out of an engine while maintaining excellent fuel mileage, especially for a 40+ year old carburetor. The 2100's, like the 4100's, use annular discharge boosters that atomize the fuel. This results in performance and fuel efficiency more akin to a throttle body injection system than a carburetor. Atomizing the fuel allows it to burn more evenly, creating more power with less fuel, and therefore, more efficiency.

Autolite 2100 Sizes and Applications

.98 Venturi(190 CFM)

221 Windsor

1.01 Venturi(240 CFM)

260 Windsor

1.02 Venturi(245 CFM)

289 Windsor, 272, 292, 312 Y Block, 332 FE

1.08 Venturi(287 CFM)

289 Windsor, 302 Windsor

1.14 Venturi(300 CFM)

289 Windsor, 312 Y Block, 332, 352, 360 FE

1.21 Venturi(351 CFM)

351 Windsor

1.23 Venturi(356 CFM)

352, 360, 390 FE, 383 MEL

1.33 Venturi(424 CFM)

390 FE

Autolite 4100

Equipped from 1957 to 1968 on Ford V8's, from the 289 Windsor to the 428 FE Police Interceptor. The Autolite 4100's have gained popularity among Ford Owners because of their many advantages over aftermarket carburetors, namely maintenance and performance. Utilizing annular discharge boosters, as well as being specifically designed for their respective Ford engines, the Autolite 4100's perform exceptionally well with very little tuning from Factory specs. No doubt these carburetors will stay on their respective engines for years to come now that their potential has been realized.

Autolite 4100 Sizes and Applications

1.06 Venturi(465 CFM)

383 MEL Low Comp.

1.08 Venturi Small Block(480 CFM)

289 Windsor

1.08 Venturi CA Emission(480 CFM)

390, 410, 428 FE

1.12 Venturi Non-Emission:(600 CFM)

312 Y Block, 332, 352, 390, 410, 428 FE, 383 MEL

1.12 Venturi Small Block(600 CFM)

289 Windsor

1.12 Venturi HiPo(600 CFM)

 HiPo 289 Windsor

1.19 Venturi(670 CFM)

383 MEL High Comp.